The Strangest Food Addictions People Have Developed

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Chances are it was something you ate on a dare, like a pickled egg or a truck stop sandwich. But some people eat things that are truly weird…things that aren’t really even food at all. Here are some crazy, crazy people throughout history who got addicted to eating some seriously disturbing objects.

Addicted To Eating Trash

During the French Revolution, one of the most infamous people in France was a man called Tarrare. His claim to fame: an addiction to eating garbage.

Tarrare was kicked out of his parent’s home for eating too much: his parents literally couldn’t afford to feed him. For our readers still living at home, remember Tarrare the next time you go to eat that piece of pie your dad was saving.

After his family turned their backs on him, he became a sideshow performer who ate everything from corks to live animals. He was even able to swallow whole apples. If Tarrare was a woman, his story would have probably ended with a happy marriage to a VERY satisfied husband.

But because Tarrare was a guy, he just started eating trash. No one knows what caused his strange hunger, but it seems like he was mostly eating trash because he never felt full. He wasn’t fat at all; if anything he was a bit underweight. But when you have a massive, insatiable hunger and no money, your best source of food is probably a dumpster.

If he was alive today, this guy would totally have his own show on TLC, and it would get higher ratings than “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo.” In the season finale, Tarrare would eat Honey Boo Boo and her entire family. Then, still hungry for more, he would start eating their trash.

Addicted To Eating Cats

Charles Domery lived at around the same time as Tarrare, but there’s no evidence to prove that the two men ever went on an eating binge together. That’s too bad: between the two of them, they could have seriously cleaned up the streets.

While Tarrare liked garbage, Domery was best known as the man who loved to eat cats. In one year, he held 174 furry feasts for himself. A friend of his noted that Domery never ate the skins of the cats (because THAT would be weird.) Seeing as the skins are the only thing explicitly mentioned as not being eaten, it’s safe to say Domery ate the flesh, organs, and even bones of stray cats.

Oh, and did we mention that he sometimes started eating the cats while they were still alive? Because, yeah…HE TOTALLY DID.

Charles Domery makes Hannibal Lecter look like a Teletubby.

If he couldn’t get cat meat, then Domery would eat pound after pound of grass. Allegedly, while serving on a naval vessel, Domery tried to eat the leg of a fellow crewmember that had been shot off with a cannon.

Put this guy outside of Charlie Kelley’s apartment on “Always Sunny,” and Charlie and Frank wouldn’t have to chug beers and huff glue in order to drown out the sound of an alleyway full of cats.

Addicted To Eating Metal

People with strange eating habits didn’t just live back in YE OLDEN TIMES. But for some reason, many of history’s famous freaky eaters did live in France.

Case in point: Michel Lotito, a 20th century man who went by the stage name Monsieur Mangetout (“Mister Eats All”). Over the course of his life, he is estimated to have eaten 9 tons of metal, including bikes, shopping carts, and even 400 meters of metal chain. Oh, and an entire airplane.

Seriously, this guy ate an entire Cessna 150. Granted, it took him about 2 years to break down the plane into bite-sized chunks (and a ton of mineral oil to lube up the parts as they slid down his throat), but Lotito pulled it off.

No word on whether he also ate the airline’s in-flight meal….chances are, it would have been too gross for him.

Addicted To Eating Champagne Glasses and Live Ammo

Remember how we said before that if Tarrare was around today, he’d have his own reality show? Not surprisingly, TLC already has a show about strange eating habits. It’s called “My Strange Addiction,” and the show’s tenth episode featured a man known only as Josh.

Josh’s favorite things to eat are champagne flutes and bullets. He also likes to eat light bulbs, consuming 250 over four years. Interestingly enough, the interviews with Josh show that he is less addicted to the taste of these items, and more addicted to the attention he gets from other people when he eats unusual things.

If this guy ever offers you a “shot” or a “glass” of something, you might want to politely decline. You know, for the sake of your stomach lining.

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